Wednesday, December 01, 2004

man in the airport

A man had an interview in a city where he had to travel by plane.
He arrived at the airport. Before departing, he visited the a small shop at the airport, he purchased couple of candies and a drink. To his surprise the total came out to be $20. He was determined to not pay that much for just couple of candies and a drink. He argued with the shopkeeper about it. Shopkeeper was kind enough to charge him $15 but that wasn't good enough for him. His argument started again. After a while, the shopkeeper agreed to charge him only $10 so he can get back to his business and serve other customers. The man proud of himself, happily walked towards his flight's gate. The flight had already gone.

Busy with activities of our life, happy with our successes in this world of forms and names, we will miss our flight, the flight of recognizing the purpose of this human life, the goal of becoming one with Almighty by surrendering our ego to him and living a life of love for all.

Paraphrased from one of Amma's discourses

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