Wednesday, January 05, 2005



It is important that one understands the human mind, the truth of the matter is that we all have expectations regardless of what we say. The mind is structured that it cannotwork without expectation of fruits or anticipation of rewards for actions. Ifyou smile when you meet your friend, you expect a smile in return. If you give a gift to somebody, you expect something in return. If you say hello to someone,you expect him/her to salute you in return. For the majority at least.. BUT WE MUST FIGHT IT. As I walk trough the journey of life, I have learned that it is important to train the mind to work disinterestedly. We must allow to discipline the mind withpatience and perseverance. Worldly-minded people cannot understand the spirit ofunselfishness as their minds are charged with continuance motives and impurities. It is important to become unselfish and to do things for other that may not benefit you in return. You must purify your mind and soul. The world is nothing but manifestation of God. You must try to perform motiveless duties at all times.

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naveen said...

Less expectations we have, less we will be disappointed.