Tuesday, May 17, 2005

getting rid of clutter

getting rid of clutter and simplicity brings out creativity in us and make our spiritual journy easier.

Here are 6 C's for getting rid of clutter:

Clear items that don't belong where they are
Confine: define a place for everything
Control the flow of items
Communicate with others what goes where
Continue the process


Hutch said...

Naveen ---- you published a poem by Khan Uddin Nazir in January.....he may be a long lost friend.....do you know him,or his whereabouts ????
Sincerly .... Mike Hutchins Ashtabula. Ohio

naveen said...

Sorry Mike,

I don't know Mr. Khan or his whereabouts. I happen to like his poetry and created a link to his work.

Thank you for reading this blog.