Saturday, July 09, 2005

six qualities of sants (God centered souls)

1. He is aware and connected with God at all times

2. Lives in equanimity; lives in sahej avesta; his inner silence is not affected by pain or pleasure. He sees no evil, he hears no evil. She has no worries and no fears.
honor and dishonor of him by others does not leave any impressions in his mind.

3. He has compassion for all including friends and foes. She sees herself in others and understands the pain others are going through. It's her natural reaction to be compassionate.

4. He lives in the world but not affected by it just like the lotus flower. He is not isolated from the world so he can serve others selflessly.

5. He unconditionally shares spiritual knowledge with everyone. He prays for divine wisdom (utam mat) in everyone.

6. She does not enjoy slander (nindaa) of others. Never thinks of himself as higher than others.

- Paraphrased from Gurbani Vichar by Bhai Sahib Bhai Jaspal Singh

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