Monday, August 22, 2005


dictionary meaning of Darshan:

- Darshan or Drshn means Seeing, derived from drush, to see.
- Darshan is a Sanskrit term meaning sight or a glimpse of the divine.
- To have a glimpse of something divine and sacred, eg God, Guru. To see, to have the manifestation of God.

Guru Darshan:

Mere seeing of Guru or a sant (saint) does not help seeker's quest. Guru's Darshan's is Guru's Wisdom (Gyan). To hear and understand the teachings of Guru is the real Darshan. The only way to benefit from Darshan is to follow the teachings. God resides in saint's heart, we can connect with God by listening and following sant's Shabad or Bani (teachings). His Shabad is the manifestation of God in the form of Wisdom (Gyan Roop).

- Paraphrased from lectures of Prof. Darshan Singh on Gurbani

God's Darshan:

God is invisible and limitless, He cannot be seen with our eyes. When we have the Wisdom and Blessing of seeing God in everyone and in everything - that's God's Darshan.

On Darshan:
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