Thursday, September 15, 2005

intention of the month

September Inspiration:
For the next month you’re invited to view the world through eyes of awe. Contemplate the principles of discovery vs. comparison and apply them to the events of your day.
Your life will transform. You will learn things you never knew, see things you never saw and think things you’ve never thought. When you walk around with the intention of discovery you see the world differently. You become an open invitation for wisdom.

September Question for Reflection:
If not now, when? Is there something you’ve been wanting to study? What do you want to learn more about? Is there any area where you have opinions that are not as informed as they could be? Schedule some time this month to actively pursue any area you’re interested in. Pick one so you don’t overwhelm yourself, remember, concentration is the secret to strength.

This month we have an intention from Magy Rehayem:
All I can do is be present. One never knows what form transformation will come in. Know that a subtle shift can signal a major crossroads....and what we think is a major crossroads, is really a subtle shift. All I can do is be present.

Source: IONS Monthly Intention

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