Monday, December 19, 2005

personal peace

I’m not here to say, “This is how it is.” Each person needs to feel the need for peace in their life. If I am someone who has a water stand on the side of the street, do you know who my best ally is? Not advertising. Not my face. My biggest ally is thirst, because thirst will bring people to my stand.

If you want people to come to the stand that you have in this existence, then thirst is your best ally. Feel the need for peace, for joy, in your life. Once you have felt that and understood that need in your life, then yes, it will be possible for you to have it.

I just want to give you one simple message: what you are looking for is inside of you. Turn the volume down outside if you want to listen to the whisper inside. Understand that you are the source of that joy and peace in your life.

-- Maharaji

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