Wednesday, August 01, 2007

gems from "kabbalah works"

  • God is not someone who is up there and judges every moment and punishes us. God is the reality that was, that is and that will be. God is the Reality within which we all exist. We are all his manifestations.
  • Our relationship to God is the same as relationship between thought and the thinker.
  • We suffer when we think of ourselves separate from this Reality. We are never really outside of this Reality. The suffering will cease if we align our thoughts and actions with the divine Will of this Reality.
  • We are souls who have come here to play a role. We are not fathers, mothers, sons, workers, students, or bloggers. We are the soul and playing a particular role in this lifetime.
  • We could be lost in two ways. We may have lost our character and not know what our strengths are or what are our skills. The more dangerous loss is when our soul is lost in our character, in our role -- when our soul has become a slave to our role.

"Kabbalah Works - Secrets for Purposeful Living"
by Rabbi David Aaron

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