Friday, December 07, 2007


Shalok, First Mehl:
vismaad naad vismaad vayd.
Wonderful is the sound current of the Naad, wonderful is the knowledge of the Vedas.

vismaad jee-a vismaad bhayd.
Wonderful are the beings, wonderful are the species.

vismaad roop vismaad rang.
Wonderful are the forms, wonderful are the colors.

vismaad naagay fireh jant.
Wonderful are the beings who wander around naked.

vismaad pa-un vismaad paanee.
Wonderful is the wind, wonderful is the water.

vismaad agnee khaydeh vidaanee.
Wonderful is fire, which works wonders.

vismaad Dhartee vismaad khaanee.
Wonderful is the earth, wonderful the sources of creation.

vismaad saad lageh paraanee.
Wonderful are the tastes to which mortals are attached.

vismaad sanjog vismaad vijog.
Wonderful is union, and wonderful is separation.

vismaad bhukh vismaad bhog.
Wonderful is hunger, wonderful is satisfaction.

vismaad sifat vismaad saalaah.
Wonderful is His Praise, wonderful is His adoration.

vismaad ujharh vismaad raah.
Wonderful is the wilderness, wonderful is the path.

vismaad nayrhai vismaad door.
Wonderful is closeness, wonderful is distance.

vismaad daykhai haajraa hajoor.
How wonderful to behold the Lord, ever-present here.

vaykh vidaan rahi-aa vismaad.
Beholding His wonders, I am wonder-struck.

naanak bujhan poorai bhaag. ||1||
O Nanak, those who understand this are blessed with perfect destiny. ||1||

-- part of "Asa Di Var" by Guru Nanak Dev ji

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