Sunday, September 12, 2004

Equanimity - sahej avesta - Even-mindedness - samacittatvam

Inspired by Swami Chinmayananda's Commentry of 24th shaloka of Aadi Sankaracharya's Bhaja Govindam:

Even-mindedness for both desirable and undesirable circumstances can be achieved by:

1. dedicated action (karam-yoga, dedicating every action to God, not being attached to the fruit of our action, no expectations)
2. devotion to the Lord (bhakti, total surrender, constant rememerance and longing for God, keertan)
3. service of mankind (seva, selfless actions for others)
4. contemplation upon the highest (meditation, naam-jap, simran)
5. constant study and reflection (listening and reading of scriptures, contemplationg on them and applying them in our daily lives)

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