Monday, September 27, 2004

The US Election

If we accept God's will and if we truely have trust in him then we know whatever happens will be good. It may not seem good in short-term depending on our understanding but only God knows the whole picture. Depending on our opinion of Kerry and Bush and our understanding of current global conflict we may hope for victory of one or the other; we may even pray for the victory of our favoriate. What we really need to pray for is for God to give us the wisdom and courage to accept his will.

This does not mean we don't have to do anything, let's listen to our conscience and act upon it. Let's vote and do everything we can to help our chosen one to win. Whoever wins in November, let's raise our voice if we think the new administration is not going in right direction.

Accepting God's will is not about shutting our conscience but about accepting whatever is happening around us and doing and promoting righteousness at all times with a cool mind.

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