Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the difference between the desire to be enlightened or desire to get a new BMW

“For some people striving towards enlightenment is the last thing they need to let go of. You see, even if you faithfully meditate every day to achieve enlightenment, you’re still in the same mind frame as someone who really wants a new BMW. It’s the same conditioning: ‘In the future…’. But there is no future. Surrender means the realisation that there is no state to be achieved. You give up your pursuit of a particular state and absorb yourself in what there already is. And that’s more than enough. You are already completely yourself. There is nothing in the future that can make you more yourself.”

-- Eckhart Tolle


Sifar said...

There is one difference. The person who is striving for enlightenment, will be using his Beamer to travel to Sangat, Gurdwara... etc.. etc.. and a person who is just striving for a Beamer, will ride in his Beamer to Club, Parties, Strip joints... etc.... just a thought... no argument... And you are right too when you say that there should be no pursuit of worldly things... but I may suggest that worldly things pursuit you once you attain the stage of enlightenment.

Sifar said...

typo the second pursuit should be read as "pursue".

naveen said...

the message is for people who already are in the path and do go to houses of worship and trying to realize the Truth.