Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Once a while we get these flashes of memory from past events that bother us. These are situations which we did not accept fully when they occurred. They become part of this baggage that we carry with us. Eckhart Tolle calls this pain body.

We need to take care of this baggage from two fronts. On one side we need to decrease its growth and on the other side we need to start getting rid of what's in the baggage from past.

As new events occur in our life everyday, we need to accept them as they are. This will make sure these don't get added to the baggage.

As we get memory flashes from past, we need to accept those past events unconditionally so they are removed from the baggage.

Acceptance his Will (Hukam) as it unfolds in everyday life will trigger His Grace. The Grace will align us to the flow of life. The alignment is the purpose of our life. Being in alignment does not require effort. It's about being not doing.

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