Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The message of Diwali

During the night of Diwali the myriad little clay lamps (diyas) seem to silently send forth message of Diwali: "Come, let us remove darkness from the face of the earth".
The dharma of the fire is the same wherever it is: in a poor man's house, or in a rich man's house, in America, in Antarctica, or in the Himalayas. It gives light and heat.

The flame of the light is always turned up. Even if we keep the lamp upside down, the flame will burn upwards. The message is that our mind should be focused on Atman, the Self wherever we are. The lamps remind us of our dharma of realizing our divine nature. "

The Self is self-luminous being pure Consciousness. The cognition of all objects arises from the light of pure Consciousness." -says Bhrihadaranyaka Upanishad.

One lamp can light several others. Even after lighting 1000 other lamps, still the flame and the light of the first lamp will remain as it is. It loses nothing. By becoming manifold, the light loses nothing.

The rows of lamps teach yet another important lesson and that is of unity. The light that shines forth from the Sun, the moon, the stars, and the fire is all the same. To see and recognize that one light, the light of consciousness, which is manifesting and pulsating in and through all of creation, is the goal of life.

The lights of Diwali are displayed at the entrance doors, by the walls of houses, in the streets and lanes. This means that the inner spiritual light of the individual must be reflected outside. It should benefit the Society. Feeding empty stomachs, lighting blown-out diyas and bringing light to those whose lives are in darkness is the true spirit of Diwali.

-- from an invitation to a Diwali celebration gathering

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