Sunday, May 07, 2006

human pain

Why does Consciousness let humanity suffer?

The definition of being unconscious is suffering and pain. Our mind is the creator of our pain and suffering. If Consciousness is Light then suffering is darkness. Darkness is not the opposite of Light but its lack. When we are in dark, darkness seems real but when there's Light, darkness cannot exist. The sun of Consciousness is always shining, for it; darkness is not even a possibility. It doesn't need to do anything to remove darkness because it's light itself. If we are in darkness because our eyes are closed, the only thing we need to do is open our eyes and see the light. Is it valid to ask the Sun to remove our darkness if our eyes are closed to it?

Why did He even give the possibility of closing our eyes?
If we never experience darkness would we even appreciate or understand Light?
There would be no fun in playing the game if game doesn't have an objective.

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