Wednesday, May 10, 2006

there are no two

In matters spiritual, truth has to be re-discovered by and for a human being for direct realisation. If it is repeated, it becomes an intellectual idea, a matter of ''I'', ''I'', ''I'' and 'You', 'You', 'You'. Thus truth becomes a lie when it is repeated; it just becomes a safeguard, security, solace and satisfaction for the ego ! Repetition of scientific truth is useful. It develops technology. Repetition of lie in politics is very harmful as the lie then begins to appear as truth due to propaganda. Politicians then come to power to control everything. For matters deeply psychological and spiritual, one has to be a light to one's own self.
The truth here is not at the top of the ladder of concepts, conclusions, ideas or interpretations. It is there where you are, in your daily life, in your tension and temptation. It is not in Brahma Sutra ! To think that you are a Brahma-Jnani by reading explanations of Brahma Sutras is but another self-projected aggrandizement. It is immature thinking, unworthy of people who are alive and affectionate.

The essence of all 555 Brahma Sutras has been made available by Adi Shankaracharya in one line :

«Brahma Satyam Jaganmithya, Jivo Brahmaiva Naapara»
«'No-mind' (Universal Intelligence) is real, mind is myth. Life, manifest as well as unmanifest, is the whole. There are no Two».

-- Shibendu Lahiri

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